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Originally Posted by stellaferox View Post
You keep referring to the team of UBoat-sim as "they" but is really a one man show. I asked a few years ago to join up forces with Uboat-sim and WOTA but they all developped into different directions. WOTA is officially dead as no new things have come out in the last 5 years. UBoat-sim is just a sim of the technical details of a UBoat but very good at that. A very promising initiative.

I agree that Wolfpack is dead. I warned the community a few months ago as since september last year no significant updates have been brought out, apart from some log-in procedure and a morse code radio nobody notices.
To be honest I am very disappointed because I love this game so much. I really, really hope that Onkel Neal can bring this back to life or more devs can jump in!

Meanwhile I am awaiting "War on the sea" as announced by STEAM as coming soon...
I can tell you that is absolutely not the case anymore. Dev-team currently consists of four members. Apart from that, there are seven people dedicated to contributing assets (modelling, coding, translations, etc.), two people on bug-testing and a quite rapidly growing community. You're more than welcome to come and have a look! I bet they might be interested in joining forces as well.

This is the discord:

This is the Marius' YouTube-channel where you'll find a whole lot of updates over the past couple of weeks:

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