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Ok, I take back what I said about letting the community take over or helping the devs.

Since I posted it, I've discovered U-Boat Sim. From what I can see in their Discord channel, the dev(s) is very entusiastic, and encourage people to come with suggestions. Impressive how fast they are working, and still able to communicate with the community and give daily updates. It is my impression that they accept people that holds the skills to help the development. A total different approach than the Wolfpack team.

The level of detail in this sim is mindblowing! If they pull it through, it will be the biggest happening this decade and beyond (except maybe MS Flight Sim 2020).

The community effort would be better spent with U-Boat Sim.
I'll bet it will be a fully playable simulator long before Wolfpack is even out of Early Access.

Sorry if I insulted or upset anyone with my post.


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