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Greetings, friends. I will allow myself to disagree with some opinions. The game was released on March 15, 2019. It has been in early access for less than a year and a half. The progress of updates is more or less stable. Some patches were released faster than others. But the work does not stop. I knew Oscar long before Wolfpack was released. We discussed HMS Marulken and the future prospects for developing submarine simulators. The call to hand over the game sounds like the cry of a drowning man. Did you pay the money? For this money, you enjoyed the game. Another question is, are you happy? NO?! But you have certainly read about the rules when buying. Wolfpack is not just a game for developers, it is their dream and idea. They were the first to make cooperative multiplayer for a submarine. And I'm sure they won't give it up. And don't count other people's money. I participated in testing before the game was released for free. Because it was also a great pleasure for me to touch the dream. Be patient. Peace and good to you.
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