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I have to agree though. Development is slow (and I'm putting it mildly here). Now, the subsim community is very patient and understanding (small team, passion project, although I do wonder why with 30K+ sales some of the gains haven't been re´nvested in expanding the project), but it is quite frustrating to make suggestion after suggestion, reasonable things, low hanging fruit, which will improve gameplay greatly and get zilch, nada, nothing response on it. Why (the flying ****) are we getting multiple stopwatches for instance? Literaly no-one ever requested that feature nor will it have any effect on the gameplay. In the meanwhile, valuable time on it is wasted. Plenty of guys in the community as well who are more than willing to lend a hand on the programming side, coding, modelling, etc. - without any interest in making a red dime out of it - yet, nothing. You're sitting on a goldmine here! Why not tap into it?
It's tough love indeed. I love the game, but it could have been so much better already if the devs had taken even a single percent of what the community has to offer into account.

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