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Default Let the commuity take over

Edit: Commuity = Community

This project is dying. We are a small community of sub-freaks, you are 2 or 3 developers.
There is no feedback from you what so ever, except "we are working on xxx, and a patch will be released soon. Same every Friday.

Lets face it... You have collected the money, and this is a side project that is getting laborious, day by day. You probably have a "real job" now, since the sale of Wolfpack is most likely declining.

With the tempo this game is evolving, I estimate you started coding it in 1977.

I have great respect regarding both Einar and Oscar for the simulator you have given to us, but you are tired now. You are fed up. Too much work for two guys.

I have one suggestion for you developers:
You laid the ground stone. Let the enthusiasts carry the burden in to the future by releasing parts of the source code. The base game will still be needed to apply the code/patch/mod. Your pockets will still be filled with Swedish kroner.

Best regards,
Jonny Dog

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