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You are right. They couldn't detect U-boats on the surface or at periscope depth. That is how Kretschmer got detected. One of the crewmembers shouted ALARM and the U-Boat crashdived from the surface whilst on attack on a near convoy. That way the destroyers could find him. There is good material on that on YT.

It is not modelled well in the game, same as layers. At that time that knowledge wasn't widely used though. I am still waiting for some significant updates on the game. The last one being september last year. Since then there was only a login update (which we cannot notice) and the addition of morse, which nobody uses. They have been announcing Scapa Flow missions, chartupdates and more challenging gameplay since september 2019 but there is complete silence on the weekly updates from the DEV-team. Not a good sign for an Alpha game. UBOAT has been developing much faster and is really attractive nowadays. It is a pity as I like this game very much.

I fear for the further development of the game
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