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So, here I go spamming again. Fidd, I didn't include your suggestions as I feel this is something that is quite specific for Koji's escort project. I do like them a lot, but I wanted to keep this to things which I feel should be reasonably easy to implement, historically accurate and have a direct, 'hands-on' effect on gameplay. What I gathered from here, the Discord and Steam-discussions last week, adds up to this:

Stuff that needs fixing.
- The EOT. It doesn't seem to reply properly some of the time.
- Torpedo range (for the sake of historic accuracy). Should either be 50hm or 75hm.
- Noise of the bilge pump. Turn op the volume! Contemporary accounts give that this thing was loud (loud enough to drown out engine noise of other ships on hydrophone. Described as 'cutting through the wall of your stomach', able to be heard miles away, etc.)

Things that ought to be customizable.
- Torpedo duds.
- Premature explosions on torpedoes.
- Steering of torpedo not functioning correctly (as in, turning to a different gyro-angle than was set.)
- Torpedoes failing (bouncing off) based on impact angle.
- Time of torpedo reload (as in, around 30 minutes rather than 3.)
- Reloading torpedoes making noise that can be detected, together with the ability to postpone reloading.
- Damage model for merchant ships (I'll open another topic on that someday. Details are on the Discord already.)

Stuff that would be really nice if it would be implemented.

- Colored filters for the periscope.
- Different graticule on the periscope (for historic accuracy as well).
- Option to turn of lights completely in the boat.
- German language support for dials, control surfaces, etc. inside the boat.
- Adding a parallel headset to the hydrophone.
- Proper physics during the advance of a turn.
- Ability to set speed of torpedoes through TDC (or rather the Tvre! Wir sind keine Amerikaner!)
- Ability to use A/D/left/right to spin UZO.
- Convoy starting in formation and on course, rather than scattered.
- Mouth movement for player models when talking in game.
- Sound of torpedo impact underwater. At this moment, the hydrophone just goes quiet on impact.

Other stuff that has been brought up a couple of times.
- Behavior of escorts. They seem to give up quite easily. Apart from that (I hope someone can confirm), they seem to be absolutely blind and deaf to uboots at periscope depth.
- Behavior of merchants after being struck. @Colonel Frost pointed out: 'It is difficult enough for the merchants to remain on station in good weather. The current freak out then return to base course with 20 minutes is highly improbable. It's great for playability, but not for [historic] accuracy.' Could be an optional setting as well.
- Having Wolfpack available as a package deal (as in, discount for buying 4-5 copies). Any ideas on a summer sale perhaps?
- Adding more music to the gramophone player and/or the abillity to play internet streams through the onboard radio: this circumvents the problem with copyright, as the radio-broadcaster is then responsible for it.
- Visual effects: stern and bow wakes on the u-boot and merchant ships.
- Visual effect: different particles for the smoke generated by ships that have been hit.

That's it for this week! Hope you enjoy.
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