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Default to improve submarine simulator

Congratulations to the developers !

I share with you my admiration,

But, alas there is a but ...
If the developers do not respect the Hydrodynamic parameters of the diving navigation, it will remain only a game, because of this eccentric behavior, the players will adopt a behavior which will take them away from reality.
To me, Wolfpack is not a simulator!

I'm tired of notifying you about this issue on Discord, without your attention. so I insist again.
It would be really great if you correct the behavior of underwater diving.

I insist , so that you don't forget the essential spirit of a submarine simulator, because any combat action ensues.

A - Action of diving planes

I protest against the inefficiency of the aft diving plane.
To change depth quickly the forward and aft plane must be opposite and not parallel.
The aft diving plane angles (Full Up or Full Down) must induce the boat at an angle of 45 °... and more.
The rapidity of the change of attitude depending on the speed.
And not limited to + or - 8 °.

Immersion change
The rules of conduct (Uboot in particular) cann't be applied in the state explained above.

Rules of Conduct

ALARM: Crash Diving (Submarine on the surface)

negative buoyancy ballasts are always full at the surface (Fast diving ballasts)
Diesel stop, Allure GF electric, opening of ballast valves
Limit the trim angle to 5 ° until the periscopic immersion. (Stern out of the water)
At approximately -10 m of immersion, the negative buoyancy ballasts are emptied and remain empty during the dive.
Change of normal immersion angle from 8 to 10 ° (without order)
Order of Emergency immersion change : 30 °

The action of the Stern diving plane is predominant (Propeller flow) in relation to the bow plane.

The immersion change is done mainly by adopting a trim angle by action of the stern diving plane. The bow diving plane is use for low variations of depth.
It also helps change the sub's trim, but weaker action.

Action of the Stern diving plane: a function of the speed and angle of the plane.
As long as there is an angle of the diving plane, the torque implies an increase in trim.
The trim (pitch axis) is not limited, it can exceed the value of 45 °.

So, the dive man, once the angle of boat has been ordered (Example: 30 °), he brings the aft divimg plane back to Zero, then maintains the trim with small movements of the plane.
To return to the horizontal, it must adopt the reverse behavior by giving an opposite diving plane angle.

Beyond 45 ° of trim, one can fear a loss of hydrostatic stability and integrity of the installations, electrolyte spillage, battery loss and shutdown.

With all my encouragement
Very friendly greetings

PS .: Please excuse me for the mistakes, I do not master technical English
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