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Default Tug Boat with Scow

After an over two year absence, I need to finish a lot of SH3 mods I started.
there are many. This is just a small Mod Concept wanted to try. Tugboats are meant for working in Canals and Ports, and Ocean going, not just being a single unit of no purpose. The two concepts are a small tug like this Towing alongside a Deck Barge of various Cargo. ( Mod will have Basic Freight Loads of external Cargo, and Also a very Specialised version with Loads like Landing Craft of the Russian DB Type which was Coastal Black Sea Convoy Traffic to Tuapse a Major Assembly Area for the Amphibious Landings of 1943 other Loads planned Russian Towed Artillery, T-34 Tanks, Various Vehicles of Lend Lease ) I also plan a Large Salvage Tug Version Towing a Listing and Damaged Tanker. Hope some of you are still out there waiting for mods big and small.

WIP concept at Sea

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