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When you think about, there is always audio playing in the game, with multiple files overlapping each other, so at different resolutions, and in different formats (wav versus ogg). Having Windows and your audio card set to 44.1kHz at 16-bit depth might help. Also, in the Sound Settings of the game is a "Number of 3D Channels" or some such. You could try and tweak that, though I have never noticed a difference on my computer. The Affinity might help, but then again... I read an article quite a while back about using Sony Vegas and the reasons it would CTD, and one of them was that if it was set to use all of the processors (4 core machine, use all 4 cores), then it would crash. If limited to one less than the total of cores, it wouldn't crash. While the crashes stopped when running Vegas on my machine, it then ran like molasses, even with a higher priority. The problem at the time was actually a QuickTime incompatibility though...

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