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Originally Posted by skirich View Post
I have a weird inconsistent problem.
2 out of 3 missions has lag when timeshifting beyond 1024
Previously with other missions and tutorials I couold timeshift to 6000x + without so much as a bit of lag.
Now its seems some missions lag and other dont and I cant put my finger on it.
SH4 v1.5 with OTC mod only.
Win 10, high end gaming rig.
NVidia 1050

Tried all the tricks in the SH4 settings and even the LAA, which keep it from crashing but not lagging.

I suspect its poor optimization of threads, since neither the GPU or CPU are over 5% when it happens. I noticed it happens when the screen is full of targets, enemy ships, like when I am near Japan So maybe I cant do anything about that. under 1024x its fine.

Anyone else see this inconsistent effect? or maybe their is a command line switch I can add to improve performance here?
yes, we all see this performance when RGG (randomly generated groups, i.e. convoys, task forces) spawn near us or we are near ports that contain moving ships or it is late in your mission and the sim is trying to keep track of a whole-lotta things. (technical term)
most of us throttle our TC (time compression) to no more than 2048.
sometimes, you will not experience smooth performance over 512 or 1024.
it is entirely up to you how you mange your resources.

BTW, if no one has advised you yet on shelling out of SH4 to do Windows-stuff, you are being advised now. Don't do it. SH4 does not like users to Alt-Tab out to Windows and perform other tasks and then returning. all sorts of weird and bad things can and will happen when you do that. if by chance you do accidentally shell-out, return to SH4, Save your mission, exit out of SH4 and then re-launch it and load your Save game.

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