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Originally Posted by gumbeauregard View Post
So exactly what is your issue with the map implementation?

As a sometime real world navigator, I find the tools a bit clunky in the game and harder to use than real world.

They certainly don't give you anything you wouldn't have with a ruler, protractor, calipers and pencil in hand.
Awkward- yes
More complex - no, I would say "unnecessarily confusing"
Why so many indications, bindings, functions? Not easier and more convenient to give the standard tools? In Silent Hunter5 everything is very simple and clear, it is inconvenient that the drawing does not scale with the map. I would like to see something like this, but more completed. Simple, understandable, affordable. And yes, more tables, papers for notes, simple pictures with tables, trigonometric tables, a speed conversion table, maybe some tables for a hydrophone ... that would be great.

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