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Default Suggestions for the map

I have two suggestions for the map.

1. Map notes. It would be good to have a “paper for notes” in the map view. I am thinking something like the right 20% of the screen being a blank piece of paper while the left 80% is still the same map. This right area is not “pannable” or zoomable. You can write or draw. The idea is to have a simple way of writing notes that are not affected by zoom level. Sometime you can have a hard time finding your notes on the map. Also, it is a good place to share data such as convoy speed and heading with others.

2. Moveable time-points. Often when you want to place a timed point, you don’t know where to put it until you’ve drawn some lines. As time passes while doing this, it is no longer correct when placed. This is made worse if you’re solo and need to run away to check depth or something. It would be good if you could put the timed dot anywhere on the map first, and then when the position is determined, move the dot there. Another option would be the possibility to adjust the time on the dot, but I think it’s more complicated and doesn’t make it more useful.
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