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First time ever that i try this NYGM mod, and have to say it’s a very interesting one!

Easy to install, nice graphics (but i enhanced to my taste with MEP V6), very fluent without any stutters or CTDs of any kind.
But most of all, the sub handling/behavior is probably the best i found over there
I love the way it’s slowly sinking if nothing is done
Even stock NYGM sounds doesn’t need Thomsen sound mod to my taste for first time!
Really hat’s off for this mod creator

A request though.... i know it’s creator wish to not have that much traffic all around, but could it be possible to get some more?
Not as much as GWX, but something so we don’t feel that alone in open seas and in harbors
It remains a game for fun IMHO, even if it doesn’t match 100% reality...
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