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Default SH3 Log Tool - Essential tool for realism

What a brilliant addition to SH3, is this one by LGN1! I donít know how I missed it previously.
Itís easy to install into NYGM (but you have to modify-by-hand the latest NYGM files according to the Log Tool instructions; the files supplied with the mod as a package for NYGM are now out-of-date.)

It all works exactly as stated. As stated clearly in the Readme, the player must observe which ships sink and their tonnage. In fact, it is essential to note the type of ship sunk in general terms (eg medium merchant, large tanker, escort carrier) and especially the date, position (eg AL32) and your estimate of the tonnage.

For me, accustomed to firing salvos of four long-range (air) torpedoes into a convoy from medium distances while the U-boat is sheltered by darkness, thick fog and high winds, it will now be impossible to claim anything except by guesswork. However, you still get a report of Ďtorpedo impactí when a torpedo hits, which is realistic.

There is one obvious weakness - that cannot be easily fixed - namely that no matter how great or small the tonnage may be that you claim sunk, crew decorations are handed out on the basis of the real sinkings, not your claimed sinkings. You have yet to report your sinkings.

LGN1 expresses puzzlement as to why so realistic a mod has been little adopted. The answers, I think, are these:
1. The need to use an executable file which LGN1 supplies. But LGN1 has created this .exe file using another package of unknown origin. This executable file created in March 2015 was passed by my 2018 malware-checker without query.
2. The need to keep modifying files with each update (eg super-mod updates) of these key files:
commands_en(de).cfg (optional).
These files are all likely to be updated with each new release of a super-mod, or of many other popular mods. For this reason, I cannot include this mod with the NYGM package (since not everyone will want it), although definitely I recommend it to all users of NYGM. These users should replace the Englishnames.cfg/Germannames.cfg files supplied with the mod (from GWX) with the NYGM equivalents found in folder SH3\data\sea. Also, those who update stock SH3 with the H.sie and also the Stiebler hardware patches will have to make the same changes again to the same key files.

But this mod is essential, for anyone who wants realism in SH3!
(And I hope Tycho's addition will improve things further.)

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