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Originally Posted by LGN1 View Post
Hi ninja turtle,

does it work now?

Regards, LGN1
Hi LGN1,

I'm been away from my U-Boat for the past few days and my daughter is visiting this week so I've not been able to double check with everything but I'm feeling hopeful that it works okay (due to an error on my part):

I think I've found what I was doing wrong for the ship cargo and crew losses not appearing in my Personnel file. I've just looked at the SH3 options in SH3 Commander start up and didn't have the "Career options-use real ship names in patrol logs" ticked. I've now done that and the previous ships sunk now have the information in my patrol logs. So once I'm back at sea and sink another ship I'll double check that it works.
So with a few more tweaks with my mods this weekend I'll hopefully be able to start a new career next week and report back to you, Sir.

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