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Default [REL] BLACK SEA. «30 Unterseebootflottille»


Only for mod «GWX 3.0 Gold».
Only operations on Black sea.

In «Silent Hunter III» this theme is very badly made. For example, at east coast of Black sea the Soviet bases were on distance of 15-20 km from each other. In the project «Sillent Hunter» them only three! Besides - their names are mixed. Dates of operations are incorrectly made. And many other things about Black sea 1942-1944. It is strange! Magnificent "Silent Hunter III", has been made by guys of Romania. 12 Romanian submarines participated in operations of Black sea (and one Italian submarine). But they have told nothing about it. And about many other things also.

I was in these areas. I have many times dived into the sea near to east coast. From Sukhumi to Sochi. I have many times dived into the sea near to coast of Crimea. I have plunged into these waters. I saw this sea-bottom. This theme is interesting to me.

Therefore I have made this project.

It is analogue of my projects:

«Mediterranean: Sea All Battles» - about fights 23 and 29th flotilla in Mediterranean sea and

«Red Baltic» - about fights at capture of the Baltic coast, Moonzud archipelago and gulf of Finland.

All operations real. All actions, events, dates and time - too historically authentic. I worked with this project more half a year. Used many the historical literature, archives, memoirs.

Tactics of German submarines on Black sea:

They approached to east coast. Communications along the Caucasian coast were under a strong covering. Submarines a lot of time were to depth. As it rescued them from blows of the Soviet planes. They emerged on depth of a periscope when heard noise of ship propellers. Very often - one ship was accompanied by many ships охранения. Therefore it was necessary to attack on the big distance. Submarines operated in the conditions of the absolute control from air and strong anti-submarine defence on the Soviet communications.

Especially on approaches to ports of basing of the Soviet Navy fleet on Black sea:

Gelendjik, Tuapse, Poti, Batum, Novorossisk (after September, 16th, 1943).

But no German submarine of 30th flotilla has been sunk by the ships of the Soviet anti-submarine defence.

«U-9» has been sunk in Constance by the Soviet aircraft on August, 20th, 1944.
(In game you can see it after August, 20th: 500 metres on the east from a pier in Constance on depth of 17 metres.)

«U-18» and «U-24» — are flooded in Constance by the crews five days later, on August, 25th.
(In game you can see them after August, 25th: 6.2 km on the east from Constance on depth of 28 metres.)

«U-19», «U-20», «U-23» - Other three boats have been flooded by the crews on September, 10th, 1944 at coast of Turkey in connection with capture by the Soviet Armies of all ports at coast of Black sea.
(In game you can see them after September, 10th: three km on the north from Turkish port Zonguldak On depth of 160 metres. If you can survive before this date.).

What the new?

The main thing - historical real dates of events and seaports new. Real co-ordinates and names of ports at east coasts of Black sea and sea of Azov. Also at coasts of Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria.

Two new German sea bases: Feodosiya and Sevastopol. It historically originally. From the middle 1943 some submarines Were based there. You will be moved there to corresponding time.

On a map of the navigator now there are names of islands and new harbours. They are very important for historical reliability. There there will
be real operations. In due time. New harbours are present at game too. There the ships. Movement and protection in ports. Coastal artillery.
Waterway. Mines and nets. Only there are no port buildings. But they symbolically have a floating beacon.

Sound: on rafts seamen shout in Russian.

Users of Russian variant of this project will have possibility to accept the radiogramms. In Russian. There they will receive all necessary updatings and orders from the Commander of 30th flotilla. And always to be in a proper place in due time. Also dates and time of all events. Real historical time of all exits in campaigns and returnings from campaigns of all submarines of 30th flotilla. Also their adventures.

But I the disgusting expert of English language. I cannot make a clear translation into English.

Black Sea (Engl):

Russian variant - Black Sea (Ru):
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