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Originally Posted by Noobicum4Ever View Post
1. Where is this game now?
Not sure what you mean. You can get it on Steam. It's up to version .20(and a bit). Read the Development updates sticky thread. There should be an image of the road map somewhere. Add playable destroyers at the end of it.

2. Which are the following objectives of the developers?
Scapa Flow mission is the next target. Which implies close to shore/harbor operations. Should be a thread about it, last responded to it a few months ago or so.

3. Do developers listen to the opinions of our community?
Hell yeah! Just read Onkel Neal's messages in here in Wolfpack subforum. (He's the publisher) Track the suggestions made here and the suggestions channel in the Wolfpack Discord forum, and then follow and compare the update/changelogs in step with each release.

4. Are there video tutorials and / or a manual where I can learn the game?
There is a manual available from the Steam product page iirc. Also on A bunch of people made videos on Youtube and streams every now and then on Twitch. Also a bunch of guides on Steam.

5. When it will be ready?
When it is ready. Sorry, patience is a virtue in this game.

6. It is a game that will be continuously updated or will Wolfpack II appear in the future?
Early access has barely started and you are already asking about a second generation of the game? Are you really asking that? (hint: contemplate on the answer of #5)

I'm impressed by the percentage of likes on Steam and I want to play a game that keeps me connected with the SubSim community, but the problem is that I don't want to invest time in a game that, for example, will have the fate of Silent Hunter 5!
If you didn't understand it yet, this game is being made by Subsim, meaning Neal Stevens and the developers Einar and Oscar (I don't know their last names). If you trust this site and forum to be dedicated to the community then count in them being so. Of course, it is their interpretation of what we as a community want for a subsim of this genre. But I put much more faith into that than what Ubisoft ever did, or at least the trend down they set from 3, to 4, via Silent (web)Hunter to 5.

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