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Default AOB for dummies

Originally Posted by hachiman View Post

Quick question. I have always taken AOB to be from the bow of the target ship where Jack and Rose did their little "I'm flying" scene in Titanic.

However when you look at certain diagrams like even the one in the guide here on Subsim or even in the AOB control in Wolfpack, it gives the impression that the reading should be taken from the middle of the target boat.

So it is from the bow and not the middle of the target boat?

The AOB dial on your TDC represents a ship moving 'north' or up. There is a right side and a left side. The dial does not change, so that particular dial is really a diagram of the target ship. Always pointing north or 'up'.
The tip of the needle is your submarine. It isn't any more complicated than that man. Put the needle where you are located in relation to the ship you are targeting and your angle of bow problem is over.
If the targeted ship is coming towards you, you want the tip of the needle to be be in 'front' of the ship.
If targeted ship is moving away, the needle should be 'behind' the ship.
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