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Right, here's the deal:

  • Blue area near Adler indicates our base.
  • Green area N of that is a free-fire zone. You'll find several groups of trucks there to practice on.
  • Blue area to SE indicates a carrier. It goes along the coast and can be used to resupply.
  • Blue area to NE indicates a FARP.
  • Red areas indicate target zones. Objectives are described in the briefing.
There's a friendly convoy that sets off for the enemy airbase in an attempt to capture it. If they succeed, that base should become available to us for resupply. An enemy convoy is doing the same to us, but in practical application ours wipes out theirs, so no worries. Still a good idea to clear a path for those guys, and soften up defenses around the airbase. Extra airfield is nice and, you know, providing CAS is what the Ka-50 is all about.

For just flying, I figured to follow the river departing N, skirting the Georgian border. At the end of it, cross over a ridge and follow another river to the FARP. Should make for interesting piloting.

Load out is 100% fuel with no weapons, save the cannon. Be sure to rearm and take drop tanks or weapons, depending on what you're planning to do.

*ah right: TeamSpeak2 server at, subsimpass
** and server is Arc-DCS Ka-50, subsim
Put it up in half an hour to sneak in some practice, don't expect anything coordinated before 22:00-22:30

Contritium praecedit superbia.

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