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Originally Posted by Efshapo View Post
Yes, there are some similarities with the constant bearing method since my technique exploits the same mathematical constant which is lateral_speed = speed * sin(AOB), the gyro angle being directly related to lateral_speed.

In my opinion, the real new trick here is the use of the horizontal centiradians scale which is really faster than maneuvering the sub to get a constant bearing. This is what I haven't seen anywhere else, and would like to know if it had been documented before.
I’m not referring to the constant bearing method though. Auswanderungsverfahren, as I said, deals with bearing change. Like I said, the only difference between your method and the traditional method, is that you are measuring the bearing change In centiradians and not in degrees of bearing.

I’ve never seen it anywhere else done with centiradians, that part is new, but the overall method is as old as the 1920s when this was developed in between the wars.

Here’s an old video of me doing it with degrees:
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