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Originally Posted by TheCod View Post
Darn - won't know my score.
You can actually cheat this if you haven't started a new Campaign game yet:

1) From the main menu, select Continue Game -> View All
2) Click the Copy button at the top left. That will copy the path to your saved games to the clipboard.
3) In a Windows browser, Paste the path and hit return to open the saved games folder.
4) Open "Campaign.JSON" in a text editor.
5) Line 6 should be '"s_level" : 11,' change 11 to 10 and save the file.

Now you'll be able to continue the Campaign game and view your total score and stats.

Originally Posted by TheCod View Post
BTW, I have to move the dead ppl myself. Am I missing something?
No, they should have been automatically moved when they died, you did nothing wrong.
Scott Goffman
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