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Originally Posted by xnonix View Post
Hi Boris,

1. I have your "crash to desktop" report:
This always happens when dropping a contact...
When I played on linux never happened to me.

2. I had another issue: When I reload decoys, imaging I marked "active", but the sim reload a passive one. I repeated the process and the same ocurred. Just for you to know.

3. Another isue is the panning hangs sometimes at the start of the game. I have to open another window and play on that one.

4. About the game today:
Nice game today. 8 kills hard to get. I was focusing on sub targets.
I have been playing with torps speed as well and now I understand them
Also, I didn't use trackers. Just marking all what I considered interesting in BB and merge acordingly in tactical view. Makes all less cluttered and error proof.
I saw you spawning and marked your ping with towed array and bow sonar. Triangulated you. Then you shoot the torpedo and marked the launch. I had the solution and 5 seconds later my torp was in the way to your sub.

Was a great game.

Thanks again for dsubs.


1. Damn... Good to narrow down to AccessViolation, but the trace is quite broad still. I'll try to reproduce on windows some more. Thanks.

2. When you killed me today, I noticed it too, because this bug killed me: i couldn't drop enough actives. Already have a fix, will release soon.

3. probably related to 1, something is wrong in windows binary.

4. Yeah, you are very proficient already, warms my heart ).
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