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The models can be viewed using DW edit. One of the pages on DW Edit is specifically for models, so once you have the software it isn't hard to find.

I hesitate to recommend a change of the model because you may lose the reference to the original model, and have to reinstall if you want it back. But, what you could do is take notes on all the filenames in the fields of the object you wish to change and save those notes somewhere. Then you take notes on the model you want to change it to, go back to the model to be changed, and write in the new file names.

If you wanted to add a new model rather than simply change one, I know that the .j3d files that SCX used are added by putting the .j3d and related .bmps in the Graphics directory, and writing and creating a bat file with this format: [operation name (I think it's "cmputil" or cmputil 3d") [filename].[extension]. Then run the .bat in the graphics directory. The new model can now be accessed in DW Edit by writing the appropriate filenames into the fields on the models page.
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