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Default Campaign screen bug

Hello everyone

Long time since i've been on SS.

Anyway, I recently watched Das Boot again and would you believe it I couldn't stop thinking about U-Boats and GWX for the next week.

I decided to get SH4 and bought the Uboat missions version (v1.5) from Steam. I then found out about OpMonsun, installed and patched that.

Now, the problem is on the campaign start screen, there are no buttons at the bottom. No 'Back' and no 'Start' so I can't begin a campaign.

In the War mission and quick mission there are start buttons etc but under the American & German campaign screens I can't see anything apart from the starting base, boat type and commander name etc.

I am running an ultrawide monitor at 2560*1080 in 21:9. The game has to be edited to allow this. I don't think this has anything to do with it as i've started a campaign before I installed the mod.

Has anyone had or seen any issue like this before?

Many thanks


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