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wolf_howl15 (Update)This is a "custom music loader" mod for Wolfpack 0.24b

**(The mod files are outdated BUT! There is a tutorial in this thread that will teach you how to mod the game by yourself!Look for my last message below)**

I was bored with the 4 tracks in record player so I created a mod to load my own tracks into the game.

This mod will only work on Wolfpack 0.24b.

I included an album "RMKCD 001 - Das Dritte Reich 1 - SA" in the mod download link which I use it myself in the game.

Here is a link if you want to use the mod for your game.

CustomMusicLoader1.0 (0.23b dll) + RMKCD 001 (20 tracks) : (You may need this for the folder structures and the example tracks)

**CustomMusicLoader1.0 (dll only) for Wolfpack 0.24b:** -700KB-

(Its better to get a copy of your original "Assembly-CSharp.dll" first to have a backup of the unmodified dll)

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