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Originally Posted by vdr1981 View Post
IF you have ruled out faulty game/mod installation then it must be something windows related. I can not think of anything else since you'll notice that for others SH5+TWoS works quite stable... Can you confirm once again that you've followed official pdf install instructions to the letter?
Yes, ok at first I deleted the game and deleted all the files in 'My documents' and the entire Sh5 file on my D drive. Then I run the Register cleaner and disk cleaner to clean the game completely. Restart the computer. Download the Sh5 game from Uplay and TWOS v2.2.22 from Subsim. Install the SH5 on my D drive, confirm it is working and is on v.1.2.0. Replaced the Sh5.exe replacement manually. Run the TWOS installer as an administrator. Generic file patcher> all 9 patches are visible, restore snapshot.

This is what I have done. I guess the problem is about Win update
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