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Originally Posted by vdr1981 View Post
Quite strange . I hope that windows update dont have anything with your CTDs since we cant fight that...

What about other areas, other campaigns ect? Any problems there?
Ok I just tried to use the 'slientotto' cheat to start Western approach. When I tried to leave Kiel, I was using the free camera and looking around the sub. The game crash suddenly.

Yes vdr1981, it is very weird. I think that must be something happen between the game and the Win10 update. It crash more offend than before

What should I do next? Don't really want to restore my whole computer.

Should I buy other Uboat games? what about Sh3 and The grey Wolves mode? And what about 'Uboat'? I have watched some youtube video about this new game but I think managing the crew moral is a bit complex to me
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