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I seem to have a wierd problem with my install. For some reason my patrols keep getting cut short because i somehow collide with nothing and sink. There was no contacts anywhere in my vicinity when it happened (No ships, and Britain hadnt yet declared war on Germany so aircraft arent a problem. There was no land nearby either that was intersecting with my route) but yet i died unless my watchmen are THAT incompetent and didnt sight a ship about to collide right into us and drop us out of time compression.

I was just on my way to my patrol route, i had just passed by a neutral ship and submarine heading the opposite direction (they were 10km east of my position, heading southeast while i was heading northwest) and they had completely exited my watchmen's sight range. I start using time compression again and then...sunk somehow, due to a collision.

Combine that with the 5-8 minute loading times and you can probably understand why it can be frustrating...

When the mod does work, its quite great though. Dont get me wrong :P

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