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No joy with the joystick, here. Have to disable any stock joystick assignments in Options, eg the coolie hat (can I say that?) if used causes the views to go crazy. Like Steel Fury, I find I'm happy using the numpad arrow keys to operate traverse & elevation. As with most tanksims, the AI tank commander doesn't actually do much tank commanding but in T34-v-Tiger at least he gives decent target indications. And you can quickly align the gun tube with his line of sight if you have the turret position indicator turned on. IIRC F3 or some such key brings up the gunner's sight, there is a variant which suppresses the black surround but retains the reticle markings, for a less realistic but wider view. It's just a pity the AI is about worst in class, the radio traffic and platoon command and control simulation non-existent, and the mission content extremely scanty. The Panzer IV of that era with not even turret schurzen armour is also pretty naff. Could've been a contender, like the man said.
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