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Originally Posted by GT182 View Post
ZeeWolf, does your work include "T34 vs Tiger- Kursk"? If not where can it be found? I've been looking for a good tank sim and this looks to be excellent.

I'm going to try the demo and see how it goes on Windows 8.1. I'll be installing XP on a second HDD for gaming only very soon.

Hi GT182
Yes, Kursk is at the heart of Project ZeeWolf. I am not familiar with Win8
however, WinXP is fantastic. Although everything should run very well on
As far as WinXp goes - if it would have installed on my latest PC I'd still
be running it.

btw, make sure you read my T34vsTiger Demo page AND follow all the
installation programs instructions CAREFULLY (reading every little word)

Then, to receive the excellent tank simulation you have to join Project

Let me know how it goes GT182

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