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Originally Posted by Anvar1061 View Post

Sensors.dat: 4 visual values changed to index 164: PreciseRange = 19800.0 (instead of 13500.0), MaxRange = 19900.0 (instead of 16000.0), Surface = 150 (instead of 50), SweepPeriod = 0.1 (instead of 5.0)
Thanks ! I notice the same values in the NYGM 2017A folder are, in same order as you listed above:


So, if those are the only things changed then the ranges were just enlarged to fit the 20k MEP environment, which makes sense, vs the 2017A numbers above being for a 16k environment.

I get the chance, I'm going to check out the radar, etc. values. too.

But it looks like the MEP sensors.dat file is perfectly useable vs the 2017A one, even though the 2017A one is more recent.
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