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Originally Posted by ET2SN View Post
In real life, fast attacks travel fast when they need to get somewhere or evade something in the water. Don't get confused with speed.
Exactly - it means: when your task is to reach far area - you should run as fast as needed to be there on time
Of course you can run fast in not straight line and not only constant speed. Mostly "speed & drift" tactic is useful for this.

Originally Posted by ET2SN View Post
Like I wrote before, Boomers are Boomers. They are completely different classes of subs with their own mission and tactics.
I agree - it's nice to make boomers playable in RA but... tactic for boomers is completly different than for Hunter/killer submarines.

You can play mini campaign for Ohio (under RA mod) - really exciting mission in 3 acts
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