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Now, before you get too far there DicheBach, you use Rockin Robbin's SH4CMS for your various install foldes - first things first though, make a pristine backup copy of the fresh install... You use MultiSH to make separate "Save" folders for your games. MultiSH is small enough, I put a separate copy in each "root" game folder, and likewise with JSGME, leaving the "ini" files for each. So I've got a "D:\Games\FotRSU\etc.", a "D:\Games\Ralles\etc.", a "D:\Games\GFO+\etc.", a "D:\Games\SH4v15\etc.", and a "D:\Games\TMO25\etc."... That's on this little dual-core, which when I have to use RR's SH4CMS (FotRSU changes more often than my underwear!), it brings me back "Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific", which I then move and rename. My other computer is set-up "fully CMS-compliant"... tic - The MultiSH in each of those folders then directs those particular "game sets" to the respective directory, such that the FotRS is set to "Save" in "C:\My Documents\FRS", Ralles goes into "RMS", GFO goes to "GFO", and Stock goes to "SH4" (how inventive, eh?) and TMO goes into "TMO"...

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