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I am beginning to sample your soup now!

Once I got your archive unpacked I figured all I want to install for sure is:

2.0 Ralles ModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC

I use JSGME and a

X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Silent Hunters Wolves of the Pacific\MODS\2.0 Ralles ModPack for TMO_RSRDC_OTC

kind of installation.

MultiSH creates alternate save file directories for me, for example:

H:\Users\DicheBach\Documents\FRS\data for my "Fall of the Rising Sun" install versus

H:\Users\DicheBach\Documents\RAL\data for my "Ralles Mod Soup" install.

ADDIT: By the way: thanks a lot for making this package! As I said before, my efforts to get TMO+RSRDC running previously had failed, so it was nice to just plug in your soup package and have it load up (and obviously the TMO changes active). Very handy!
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