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Each to their own Skybird but I read your original assessment of Steel Fury and thought it a bit on the harsh side. Besides, even though the basic engine is today much as it was after the last patch, SF as it was back then is no basis to judge SF as it is now. It's not as good a tanksim as either SB or SABOW but many find it one of the best.

While I rate SB very highly indeed, especially for its attention to the sort of detail (like crew drills and comms) that other tanksims tend to do less well, IMHO there is no sufficiently compelling reason for anyone who wants a reasonably realistic WW2 experience to consider purchasing a tanksim, however good, that features no WW2 AFVs or units when there are good, dedicated WW2 tanksims available. Which there are.

If you want a good modern (post-WW2) tanksim, buy Steel Beasts or Steel Armor Blaze of War - each has their respective advantages, including price point, # of playable vehicles and so on.

If you want a good WW2 tanksim, buy Steel Fury or Panzer Elite, both preferably.
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