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Originally Posted by difool2
Originally Posted by onelifecrisis
Originally Posted by difool2
Quick question (which really applies to GWX, and I guess stock too): any way to rid myself of the shaded bands in the clear or partly cloudy night sky (see the last pic in the OP)? I'd much prefer to see them blended together much more subtly. Or is this a video card limitation in terms of the number of colors available, or just a video card's inability to shade them together in a satisfactory manner?
OLCE2 fixes it, but I guess you already know that and want another way to fix it? Well, yes, there's a way and it's quite easy to do, and just now I actually started to type out how to do it... but then I remembered your rudeness to other people in other threads, and changed my mind.
Umm what the hey are you talking about?
Download S3D and edit scene.dat. In Sky>EnvSim>FogDistances there are four array items, one for each visibility (fog) level. You need to edit CloudRelativeZMin and CloudRelativeZMax to sort out your problem. Bear in mind that the clouds are a flat texture laid on a big dome and, for fogging purposes, Z is measured on the horizontal plane only; the clouds directly above your U-boat are at Z=0 and the clouds on the horizon are at approximately Z=0.9.
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