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Originally Posted by gurudennis View Post
Thing is, they most likely don't do nearly enough of it. With small teams in my experience, testers are probably a very small circle of friends who aren't necessarily the most competent with the game mechanics nor with testing as a whole, and certainly aren't numerous enough to stress-test.

There needs to be a broader beta testing program, otherwise the playerbase as a whole becomes beta testers. This of course does little to build a reputation for quality. While every single update since launch has improved the game in some ways, every single one of them also introduced new and entirely avoidable bugs (some of them quite bad). This is not even to mention that some of the long standing, well known bugs, remain consistently unfixed - something a competent group of core testers would perhaps facilitate. Just yesterday, I once again broke the convoy AI on the first try using very well known steps that I had reported months ago...
I 100% agree with this but you have to realize the game is still in VERY early stages of early access, we are all really considered beta testers at this point but a lot of the bugs I've seen are easily avoidable and they need a broader audience of private testers and test for at least a few days before they release a patch.
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