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Originally Posted by ChrisPhoenix View Post
@Fidd: Your post wasn't there when i postet mine so i didn't see it.

Your idea, as interesting as it is, could lead to some very frustrating moments ingame. That way it would be possible to be detected at the darkest of nights from eight kilometers away. Might be somewhat realistic but in terms of gameplay i just wouldn't recomment it. Maybe as a mod, if possible. For those who want the hardcore experience.
That's dependant on the algorithm used to "spot" the U-boat, and then the AI "decision making" in the light of spotting a U-boat. Although, generally speaking, this would result in the escort trying to run-down the U-boat and get it to dive and remain down, different escort types might make different decisions here. A Flower Class spotting a U-boat at 8km wouldn't bother attacking, as by the time it got there, the U-boat would have "softly and silently stolen away"! It might however signal a Tribal or Bittern, and send that after you, but in all likelihood that will be seen to be moving towards you from, before it visually acquires you, so to an extent the same applies.

In practice, if the algorithm was well designed, there would be little change to the current system in practice, with one important distinction:

It would no longer be assumable, with certainty, that because you are at a particular range/light level, that you are "invisible". If there was an intermediate stage between "convoy relaxed" and "convoy at alert", then the U-boat commander would need to track several escorts as he penetrates the convoy escort-screen, to ensure that no escorts are bearing down on him ie that he's been visually seen and his position is known.

By the same token, I'd like to see the use of escort sonar made permanent, ie, they're pinging at all times, except when particular escorts are moving too quickly to employ asdic. This would also help obscure the convoy alert status from the U-boat commander, so he can no longer know, with certainty, that the convoy is alerted if he's below periscope depth, unless he hears pings on the hull.
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