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Default Wishlist and feature ideas

Do you have some ideas about how a battleship sim would work?
Feel free to share your wishlist and feature requests here.

I will start off with some visions I have:

-A rank system where you start off as captain of your ship, with little choice but to follow orders from the admiral. Perform well and become an admiral with control over destroyers, cruisers and battleships in your taskforce. With a good reputation you can have influence over Uboat and luftwaffe patrols.

-Advanced ship management, where you can setup the engines performance.

-Advanced damage system where each individual engine, and every electrical system can be damaged and reduce you ships performance. Loose one diesel generator and you may not be able to use the power hungry radars.

-A dynamic, replayable campaign.

My WIP Battleship simulator, Battleship Command: Scharnhorst
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