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very instructive video, thanks !

it looks beautiful

nethertheless, I have doubts. I might be wrong, I hope to be wrong. Let me try to explain my idea.

By the availables videos, It seems they are aiming at some kind of Wolfpack gameplay but in a modern sub.
The concept is awesome in term of gameplay experience, it works very well for Uboot simulation juged by the sucess in popularity of the wolfpack game. But I think it wont work for modern subsim, let me explain.

I think the sucess of a modern subsim that could succeed DW is based on two major things : realism and choice of playable units.
DW have a great success still cause it is really deep in term of simulation and because you have a great choice in terms of units, in the base game and thanks to mods. (by the way i think those two points make the success of CMO aswell, their huge database of units, weapons their major argument).

Thats where my doubt arise, even if they achieve a level of system depth that wil satisfy the more hardcore DW players, it will be very difficult to achieve the variability in terms of units. cause modders/dev will have to model the whole damn sub interior, consoles etc.. in 3D ! it will be too much of work to see real variability and choice arising.

Thats why I think if they go for some kind of Wolfpack gameplay with one or two subs really well designed (but only a few) it will have success but not as much as DW.
IMHO I think they should have or maybe make it possible to have units only with exterior 3D + 2D panels, so modders can create hell lot of units. So players can have realisme+choice that are the key for the success and longevity in modern warfare naval sims. Simply said creating not only a game but a platform.
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