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Default about German victory mode

Originally Posted by FUBAR295 View Post
It can be loaded through JSGME. All the information is in the "README".

***************V-Mod (Victory-Mod)**********************


GOAL: The purpose of this mod was to build an entirely new timeline using Campaign_LND, _RND, and _SCR. In the new timeline Germany wins the war by mid 1945, and the purpose for these alterations is to provide an excuse for building u-boat bases in new countries and to take u-boat strategy to a new paradigm. I wanted to effect was to create a career condition where my u-boat would be able to participate with German surface ships in battles, and where my main targets would be enemy warships.

NEW HISTORY: If you are interested in the historical events of the new timeline, read the file new_history.HTML. The radio files carry some of it.


ˇ This Mod was designed to run with 1.4b patch.
ˇ It was designed to be memory might.
ˇ It does not alter DAT file content.
ˇ Battleships, cruisers, and carriers are shared with many nations.
ˇ But no so-called NEW ships or skins (paint) are created.
ˇ Thus shared ships are merely named as generic.
ˇ The Mod follows an all new timeline and war outcome.
ˇ New nations are added, but their flags do not work.
ˇ The Mod has different fatigue settings, point systems, and sub availabilities.
ˇ The Mod works with any Mod that does not over-write its main content files.

The main content files altered were:

ˇ /data/Menu/ en_menu.txt
ˇ /data/Menu/cfg/menu/flotillas.cfg
ˇ /data/Cfg/Flotilla.cfg
ˇ /data/Campaigns/Campaign/Campaign_LND.MIS
ˇ /data/Roster/*. – some new
ˇ /data/Roster/DefSide.CFG
ˇ /data/Cfg/Basic.cfg
ˇ /data/Sea/ -warship CFGs
ˇ /data/Sea/EnglishNames.CFG
ˇ /data/Terrain/Locations.CFG

These orignial SH3 files are entirely removed:

ˇ /data/Roster/British/Sea/DDHuntIII.CFG
ˇ /data/Roster/British/Sea/DERiver.CFG
ˇ /data/Roster/FreeFrench/Sea/DERiver.CFG
ˇ /data/Roster/Canadian/Sea/DERiver.CFG
ˇ /data/Roster/Australian/Sea/DERiver.CFG

These files are optional or unimportant:

ˇ /data/Emblems/SubEmblems/Flotillas/10th flotilla.TGA
ˇ /data/Emblems/SubEmblems/Flotillas/33rd flotilla.TGA
ˇ /data/Land/EnglishNames.CFG


WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: The purpose of this mod was not artwork, or Dat file changes. I attempted where possible to reduce the footprint of the data so as to insure that all computers could play this without undue slowing. On the forums I was constantly noting people coming on asking: “how can I use so-and-so Mod without having to use all its parts.” Huge multi-mods often include things that either fail to work on some PCs, or they have things that players simply don’t want. So this Mod was built to STOCK as much as possible.


***Files that control the new menu system, that must mesh with the /data/Cfg/flotilla
/data/Menu/ en_menu.txt

***File that controls the flotilla placements, that also have to mesh with the menu files.

File that controls flotilla locations that must mesh with Flotilla.cfg, and menu files:

***Files best left alone for continuity of the game:
All /data/Roster/*.files that I added. If you are a super modder and want to add REAL ship types, you can. But you will need to add them into the Campaign SCR and RND files.

/data/Roster/DefSide.CFG – overwriting this file will screw up the entire war scenario. Its best altered manually rather than overwriting it.

***Files that can be overwritten and what consequences will happen:

messages_en.txt – this file provides the alternate history radio. Its chief purpose is to inform the player of upcoming actions and political changes. Writing over it with another radio program can be done, but the old timeline radio will make no sense in this alternate reality.

/data/Cfg/Basic.cfg – this file makes sure that u-boat types appear in their proper years for the new timeline. But it can be overwritten - though it would be a bad idea. A better method is to open it up and manually add the data you want to any location other than the lower section that controls the dates for sub types. Keep in mind that since convoys drop off in numbers in my timeline (when England falls) it is important that the point system I made remain. I boosted the factor ALLIED=1 to ALLIED=2. One line that you may want to change is NbDaysInBase=19, the days spent in port. I set it to 19 days - reflecting a Germany with a big increase in resources – 28 days was actually the exact average for WWI. As for the days spent with the supply ships I felt people should use Commander to get around these stops. I read on the Forum that this was actually the best method with Milkcows.

As regards my Fatigue model that is in Basic.cfg, the change area is clearly identified. Even a beginner can find this area, delete it, and add the like files from another version of Basic.cfg that they like better. My model is based on what I felt made more sense as regards the stations in the sub that would wear on a person's nerves. For example, when traveling fast
in semi-rough water the forward torpedo room would be one of the worst areas, since the u-boat would be rising and falling as it passed over waves. In the very center of the boat this effect would be considerably less. I also considered noise and fumes in my considerations. The noise of standing next to the diesels would easily tire a person, as loud noise is now known
to have this effect.

In V_MOD DOCS folder there is a copy of Basic.cfg that works in the game but uses the old Fatigue model.

I also marked off the area where I changed the point system. Again, easy to find and easy to change.

/data/Emblems/SubEmblems/Flotillas/10th flotilla.TGA
/data/Emblems/SubEmblems/Flotillas/33rd flotilla.TGA – both of these files are merely SS emblems. If you live in Germany or certain European countries you should delete these. Use the originals from your backup.

/data/Land/EnglishNames.CFG – heck, overwrite this one just for the fun of it.

/data/Sea/all ship files I added – these can all be overwritten, all I did was alter the CFGs as regards the points one gets per warship. I raised the totals much higher because convoys are not always abundant and one tends to not sink a pile of warships in one mission. I mean, I supply them, but how many DDs can you take on at once? Even battleships tend to demand mucho torpedoes. The original SH3 did not give the right amount of points to major warships anyway. A captain that sunk a BB was a national hero in WWII Germany, many orders above one that just sunk a pack of cargo ships.

/data/Sea/EnglishNames.CFG – this can be altered, but it may make your scope readings appear silly. How I handled the new ships in this Mod was to merely add Brit, American, and German Roster files to many countries. For example, in SH3 the USA did not have battleships. I used two Brit types for older American BBs and I used the Bismarck for the Iowa Class BB (though I don’t think I used them much). There are people who add heavy data file changes to do this, by building a whole new set of Sea files and new directories. This is of course memory heavy. How I solved the naming problem with my method was simply to make several names generic in the EnglishNames.CFG. Thus King George BB becomes ‘Battleship’. Of course this means when you aim torpedoes you will need to actually pay attention to the siloett of the Battleship, Carrier, or Cruiser to identify it.

/data/Terrain/Locations.CFG – you could overwrite this, but you may see my harbors vanish. If you don’t require that kind of eye-candy (your sub base) then go ahead and overwrite it. Otherwise manually add in what you think you want.

* After about mid 1940 most flotillas not longer have assigned map-grid zones to patrol. This is because (1) I never liked those grid points. If a u-boat captain had reached such a grip zone, but while there allowed a convoy to pass through, Donitz would have reduced that man's renoun, not increased it. (2) Once my flotillas enter seas like the Indian Ocean and Pacific the grid system becomes mostly worthless. (3) The history and radio reports control where you should go for targets.

* Increased points for warships. If you want to make points don't plan on pacing the floor in some grid zone - sink warships. Consider the points you get for sinking a large carrier, 20000 renoun. The SH3 C3 only won you 240, some tankers well over 300. But in this game you have to work for your renoun - finding warships, which travel quite fast. So when you sink one you are richly rewarded. This system may cause some excess point scoring from 1939 to mid 1940. But since the whole point of this Mod is what comes AFTER Dunkirk, I felt that was not very important.

* Increased factoring for computing renoun, this is to make up for the lack of convoys once Britain falls. Unless you make a MAD MAX world you can't have convoys running around for no reason. Once Britain - a nation of over 60 million - falls, the need for huge convoys drops off. The only convoys after that are the smaller ones used for military supply. Military operation zones never use more than several hundred thousand men, and hence require smaller convoys than do an entire nation.

***New Flags or my one goofy sub skin. The flags don’t work and the sub skin is best not loaded, I’d suggest the many good sub skins available on the net.

***MILKCOWS – I was going to just plan for the usual ones. But I actually did not like those since they lacked flags, and carried a big fat Krout plane on the deck with German markings. Yeah, that would fool the enemy every time. What I did instead was create supply points run by the German naval Etappendienst. Around these point I have real merchant ships carrying neutral flags. Depending on the year they could be Swedish, Vichy French, Indian, and so forth. It looked better to me and they are sea vessels not land units.

***ROYAL BRITANNIA - After England falls, Edward the VIII returns with his American born divorcé wife to claim the crown and work with the Reich. Hitler renames the land Royal Britannia. Sadly I could not get flag to work for this, but the flag is in the Mod.

Here’s the catch, the following files must be removed from your Roster files and placed into a backup directory before you drop in files or use a modloader. This should be done to a CLEAN copy
of SH3 after you load 1.4b patch, but BEFORE you load commander.

If you fail to do this then don’t be shocked when looking at the recognition manual to see that the Allies have the Japanese destroyers, Kagero Class, and Akizuki Class. Keeping files to a minimum I decided to cannibalize these 2 DDs for dedication to Japan. Japanese fleets just look so spiffy with their Imperial Sun Flag, and I wanted their fleet appearances to have some class. And since this is a new timeline I could just say, “’Oops the Free-Brits in Canada didn’t have the money to supply HuntIIIs and the DeRivers all sunk when England fell. Gosh I love alternate timelines!

After the above files are removed, extract this zip file into your Silent Hunter III folder.
The files will be installed in your 'SilentHunterIII\data directory.
You can also open the zip in another empty directory and then just copy my data dir to the SH3 data dir (but first make backups)
Or better yet use a modloader.

You can load about any file not mentioned above without worry – that’s the joy of keeping a Mod close to stock and running light.
I always load TGAs from IuB and other Mods. You can load in other ships like Hospital Ships, Whalers and so forth. But you’ll have to go into the map files and drop them in and add waypoints.

This problem isn’t my fault, but I noticed that my PC kept crashing in one zone of the Indian Ocean. It think its an SH3 thing. The flags I supplied do not work. Once when I loaded the Azore u-boat base it did not load, but the other 12 times it did. I concluded it was just a typical SH3 hiccup.

***STENDEK singlemission training level. I advise people to use this singleplayer mission
To learn how to negotiate the Quintupeu Fjord entrance and the underwater u-boat gate in the anti-subnet.

***EYE CANDY - I did not add much eye-candy - such as nets and mines - to home ports, I did add some here and there. For the most part I designed them to hug the shore lines - so if you stay in the main stream you should be ok. You should open the editor to add whatever nets and mines you desire. In enemy ports I added some. These are not so easy to cross.

MY HOPE: I hope others continue this theme and create new war scenarios. The more the merrier. It just might break the wax-museum quality I was beginning to feel for the game.

THANKS to other Mod builders. I learned alot from them, especially IuB or all the mods in it. Also Improved Convoy, RUB, Milkcow, and the Radio one. I got ideas from builders of missions that I down loaded some time ago, such as Azores, BlackSea, Preludetowar, Curacao to name but a few. Thanks to those who answered my questions of Subsim forum.

You are responsible for backing up any data that may be lost due to adding these files.
Please keep my files intact and don’t replace my name with another. The story data is (c) only because
some of it is taken from a book I've been working on.

April 5, 2006 - Redbrow /( <TVXANORT9U2OTSU7U1KR1MRM5RTZAN>

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