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Default Adalbert Schnee Typ XXI Seahunter

Hello Community.

i am very proud to tell you: the Registration on Steam, is in the "Back Chack" from Steam, we made it so far. That means, the "Preview Page" can come next Time, after Steam have finished the Chackup for our Profile

Also today some little Screens for you, ( some of you know them from the FB Community Subsim ).

Typ XXI - here with Adalbert Schnee.
Adalbert Schnee is one of the Heros (Hero System) on Seahunter.
Dont worry: The Heros are not "Magic" or something, but every one
of them, have his one little "Speacial".

Typ XXI is the DLC for the german Carrier.

Best Greetings, and always good Hunt.

Andy / Smoking Head Studio.

Smoking Head Software.

German Developer Studio.
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