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OFF is still my favourite sim experience of the last few years. Regardless of it's CFS3 heritage, i think it is one of the best looking flight sims in many a long day. The entire package is quality and I remain amazed that the thing isn't payware.

Actually, i have a real love for cfs3 as well, even though it has been slagged to death on many, many occasions. There are not many flight sims now where you can take a heavy bomber from an airfield in the south of England and bomb the hell out of an industrial estate outside of Berlin - the scale of the map is really important to me and with a couple of terrain mods I think it looks far superior to pretty much any other flight sim you could care to mention (and yes, that includes Il2 although some of the very recent maps are really nice - even if they are limited in scale.)

I'll have to dig out some of my old cfs3 screenies for the screenshot thread.
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