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Default need help with "over flanders fields" for MCFS3

So, I downloaded this mod,(took me 12 hours!!) and when I patched it and tried to run it, I found this rather peculiar message:

Class not registered.
You need the following file to be installed on your machine. MSSTDFMT.DLL.

so checked the website, there was a patch to fix this but I need help to install the missing file (MSSTDFMT.DLL.). I'm not very bright on these core-file stuff, so could anyone PLEASE explain exactly how I shall install it!? there was a read-me, and here is what it says:

Installation of MSSTDFMT.DLL

1) copy this dll file into c:\Windows\system32 (I did that)

(Here is the tricky part)

2) Register the DLL: (?????)

Go START, RUN and enter (??????????????????)

regsvr32.exe msstdfmt.dll

this will register the DLL

3) Reboot PC (ah, I think I know how to do that! )

anway, it's the registration part that's the bugger. I don't know how to do it really....

any help would be very usefull, since I don't know what the readme really....eeh...means

I will explain more properly if you ask for it.

Please help!

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