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Whirlwind of Vietnam !!!

I Just heard back from G5Software on Whirlwind
of Vietnam (see letter below). Their Web Site
listed this as being released in Russia in Sept.,
So I was curious if it would be coming to the
USA or if it could be purchased and sent here...
Well... It's coming to the USA !!!...

Also look here at 1CCompany for info !!!...
Look here for the Video (87mb) !!!...
And here is the Developer Site !!!...

Originally Posted by G5
Hello Bandi,

Thank you for the letter and interest to our project.

“Whirlwind of Vietnam: UH-1” is going to be released
in US in spring, 2007. I have no exact release date,
but the publisher in US is already found.

So, please, visit our site from time to
time to receive updated information.

Best regards,

Dmitry Lyust | PR & Business Development
G5 Entertainment AB

Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 8:42 PM
To: contact
Subject: Whirlwind of Vietnam ?

First of all, Awesome Simulator !

Is "Whirlwind of Vietnam" only for the Russian market,
or is it available in US too ?

Is there some where that it can be ordered from online ?

Thank you for your time.


New Jersey, USA

There are alot more images here at the Site... Enjoy...


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