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Default Thankyou

Hello Fitzcarraldo

I don't have a Facebook account. I have never had one, I'm that guy. Someday people might see me and say 'There he is, he's that guy, the only guy on the planet that doesn't have a Facebook account.' I have nothing against Facebook, I've just never felt the need for an account.

FOTRS looks good and I will probably add it on latter, but for now I want to get a handle on TMO with RSRD. I really like the idea of RSRD so I can be involved in some of the big battles of the pacific. If my sub is in the area it would be very cool to end up in the battle of Midway, or the battle of the Philippine Sea. I would love to get just a shot at a Japanese flat top in any of the battles of the Pacific. I absolutely loved everything about the TMO, all the changes he made where great and, I like it that it is more difficult. No Training Wheels needed. The only thing I still use help for is auto targeting torpedos. I keep thinking that some day I will learn how to manuley target ships, it's just that 'some day' hasn't happened yet. I just started a new career with RSRDC and it is working fine so far, I am only on my second war patrol with the Gato class Greenling. All the added island and city names are a great addition and it makes me wonder why the game was not made that way at the very begining. The only thing that I don't like so far are a few of the small things that RSRDC took out of TMO, like the periodic radio updates you get about how the war is going overall in the Pacific Theater, and the reports of the kills made by other sub skippers. It's not a big deal that they are gone, but they did give the game that little extra level of immersion.

Thank you for the acronym key. As someone who is truly dyslexic it's a huge help. I think I may start my own list on paper and then post it when I get 30 or 40 or so.

Is this the correct forum for this conversation? I don't want to annoy anyone.

Thanks for the tips and the info.
Have a day.
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