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I play Silent Hunter 4 and Silent Hunter 3. The only other naval warfare game I play is Rule The Waves. I got into it after watching One J-Jef's Silent Hunter 4 Let's Play. I can play with no map contacts and such but while I understand how targeting works I can't manually do it to save my virtual life. So in 4 I use automatic and in 3 my Weapons Officer assists or does the work. But I do all the hunting and most of the listening. The men manning my Sonar always seem to be deaf. And I also prefer leaving from port in 4. I find much of it relaxing. Even using the deck gun.

And sometimes, when under and listening, I have hot coco.

And, yes, also a history nut. Have many books on naval history, British Battle Fleet, tail ships, and all the Hornblower books.

Anybody know any good fictional books on submarine warfare?


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