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Originally Posted by Buddahaid View Post

And the build looks like this but is a functional computer. I'd show an image of that but I don't have permission to use it.


My plan ultimately was:
1: A small portable "desktop" to game on while traveling.
2: "Wear-able"
3: Build a small "Beowulf" from several.

I was writing the OP, and had something come up, so I had to rush to finish it.
I really needed to be a bit more clear.

I considered gettig a laptop, but all of the laptops are low power versions of the hardware.
If you want to "de-clock" it to save battery power, that's fine.
But give me the choice to crank it up to full power.

At least with the Pi, it's the size of a credit card, so the limitations make sense.
Plus, it's REALLY cheap!


P.S. Can you link to the page/pic?
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