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radar Sound mod, WASD autohotkey script, Reshade

Just want to share my insights I´ve gained with Jutland:

1) I suggest every Jutland player to try out the sound mod at subsim downloads, provides so much quality.

2) If you like me tend to use WASD keys instead of the arrow keys for camera movement, simply put this into a blank autohotkey script:


Doesn´t work perfectly as mouse button input interferes with the script but it is better than nothing. Note: some hotkeys on that button could get overwritten, so check F1 ingame for further information.

3) Jutland and Distant Guns are compatible with the newest Reshade DX9, may need admin mode and launch from folder but it works. Recommended effects are sharpen, ambient light (without dirt), SMAA, Clarity, Curves, Vibrance. Try it, it looks wonderful and emphasizes the detail on the models.

4) I got start up and even patching issues with this Stormpowered thing, Jutland, and Distant Guns caused by the "splash.exe" in the root directories of these applications, removing it solved many problems for me.

Thats it, hope it helps!
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